Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Rising popularity of Energy Efficient LED Light bulbs and lamps

LED Light bulbs and lamps are all over the place and illuminating residential and commercial places like never before. People embrace LED light bulbs because they are energy efficient, technologically advanced and available in a wide array of sizes. They can easily help to save on electricity bills, and are environmentally friendly as well.

Today, you can find a wide range of LEDs from candles, golf balls to lamps. LEDs also run at very low wattages and have long life as compared to other bulbs. Here are a few popular LED Light bulbs and lamps:

LED Golfballs

LED Golfballs are highly popular among people. They looks beautiful and can efficiently illuminate any environment. They are designed for domestic as well as commercial use. They can easily replace incandescent or halogen golfball and produce quality light. You can expect good a lumen output and make your environment bright and pleasing. You can also minimise your energy consumption by up to 90%.

Candle LEDs

Whether you need a dim tone or a bright light, you can always go for candle LEDs. Candle LEDs are ideal because they produce warmer light. People often choose such bulbs to create a stunning sunset like effect in their rooms. As the light can be dimmed, it reduces the colour temperature. It is also perfect for study rooms and bed rooms and can create a warm and intimate ambience. Additionally, they are also good to decorate homes and offices. People can also use them in chandeliers, wall sconces or modern luminaires.

Reflector LEDs

This high quality Reflector LEDs are designed to offer the latest in LED technology. They are perfect for general as well as spot lighting in the homes. In fact, they are widely used in the hospitality industry, along with lobbies, corridors, stairwells, etc. They are not only compatible, but also available in a warm white colours. Unquestionably, they are highly efficient lamps and can save of up to 80% in energy usage. One of the most apparent advantages is that their maintenance cost is quite low and are environmentally friendly.

Pear LEDs

Pear shaped LEDs are in great demand because they are the direct retrofit replacement for any traditional lamp. People choose these lights because they are stylish, attractive, produce consistent light and can decorative any place. Not to mention, they are good for both residential and commercial environments. The warm white colour and gold coating creates a comfortable and relaxing environment.

So, if you are not using advanced LED light, it’s time to use it! You can choose high-efficiency, long-lasting and compact LED light bulbs and lamps for your rooms.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Use Commercial lighting for Better Efficiency

According to a report, LEDs are gaining popularity across the world in both residential and commercial sector. LEDs are not only innovative, but also incredible in many senses. They are easy to install and maintain and can brighten up any environment. They are long lasting and efficient too, as compared to other traditional lighting systems. In fact, they produce high quality light that can make an environment (both residential and commercial) pleasing, safe and inviting. People use them in their kitchens, bathrooms as well as living rooms and commercial outlets to infuse high class sophistication and appeal.

Residential lighting

People not only use them in ceiling lights, but also in exterior lamps in order light up the entire area. As LED lights bulbs exhibit the personality and taste of people, they tend to choose highly innovative and designer lights that create an exceptional design statement. Today, market is full of a wide range of LED lights, you can choose according to your specifications. In fact, people choose high quality LED bulbs to bring extraordinary style and charm to their rooms.

Commercial lighting

Due to the quality, stability and efficiency of LED light bulbs, more and more people have started using them in their offices, industrial units and even work stations. These areas are highly sophisticated and require proper lighting in order to assist people and improve the overall working conditions. According to a report, most people face slip and fall problems in industrial units due to lack of proper lighting. That is why, it is more than important to keep the environment well illuminated so that workers can safely commute and perform their work.

Today, It is easy to choose commercial LED lighting according to the area such as LED area lighting, flood lights, panels, wall packs, canopy fixtures, etc. All these LED lights are designed to illuminate the environment in a better way. These lights are designed to strike the right balance between technology and performance.

Some of the benefits of using these commercial lighting are low maintenance and high quality lights. They can run for thousands of hours without any trouble. In fact, all the above mentioned lights are ideal for large campuses, shopping malls, parks, hospital grounds, parking lots, etc.

On top of that, these lights maintain their color temperature, lumens output, efficiency and uniformity for years and provide bright light without breaking the bank. If you want to upgrade to LED lights, you do not have incur extra cost, which is a big benefit. These light bulbs are soft, flexible, cool, compatible and can be installed anywhere.

So are you ready to embrace commercial LED lighting?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


LED lighting is one of today’s most efficient and rapidly-developing technologies. They last longer, offer better light quality and are more durable. Like any other diodes, they consist of a semiconductor material doped with certain impurities to create a p-n junction. Current flows smoothly from the anode (p-side) to the cathode (n-side) not in the opposite direction. When an electron collides with a hole, it automatically falls into the lower energy level and generates photon energy.
The benefits
LED ceiling lights exist in different sizes and shapes, with excellent fittings available for any room. Whether your home is stately or terraced, you can utilize these lamps to positive effect. The type of illumination you’ll get not only looks attractive, but it’s economical. They last much longer than traditional bulbs and consumes up to 90 percent less energy. The possibilities of LED ceiling lights are endless. It doesn’t matter how small or big your house is you’ll always find something that perfectly matches your needs.
Why You Should Consider Them
LED ceiling lights are ideally suitable for applications which are subject to recurrent on-off cycling, unlike traditional lamps that quickly burn out when cycled frequently.
• They can easily be turned down or dimmed
• Installation is quick and very simple. A common indicator will attain full brightness in microseconds.
• They don’t contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lamps
• They are relatively small in size and are easily fixed onto printed circuit boards.
• Being solid state devices, they are difficult to get damaged with external shock, unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs which are fragile.
Light emitting diodes are the latest and most sensational technological developments in the lighting industry. They are small, compact light bulbs which are exceptionally energy efficient and durable.
Amazingly Efficient and Energy-Saving
Additionally, LED lighting offers several other advantages, including longer life (60,000 hours), reduced maintenance cost, lower energy consumption, and increased safety. Currently, they are being used for numerous applications- automotive, residential lighting, broadcasting, industrial automation, aerospace, entertainment, and electronic instrumentation.
Also, they are extremely energy efficient and use only a small fraction of the energy consumed by fluorescent lamps; there’s dramatic reduction in power costs. Since they don’t incorporate delicate components like glass and filaments, they’re able to withstand vibrations, shock, and extreme temperature.
Safety and Color
LED ceiling lights produce virtually no heat hence they can be left on for several hours without harmful effect if touched. They generate 3.4 BTU’s/Hour and reduce the potential risks of burns and fires.Moreover, they are fabricated with non-toxic materials, unlike conventional lighting options that use mercury which may cause danger to the environment. Also, they are recyclable and earth friendly.
LED ceiling lights are available in a wide range of colors- red, blue, amber, and green. Since incandescent bulbs use filters to generate colors, they’re extremely inefficient. Note that they can be combined to create millions of colors that can bring more elegance to your kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Emergence of reliable and Efficient LED light Bulbs

Most of the people still believe that incandescent and CFLs are better options than LED lights because they are cheap and attractive. However, with the passage of time, both incandescent and CFLs have phased out because they were unable to produce the desired quality of light. In fact, they failed to show their caliber on broader level, which has allowed LED light bulbs to come at the forefront. LEDs are not only energy efficient, but they also last longer.

One of the major factors behind the setback...

One of the major factors behind the setback of incandescent and CFLs is that they contain hazardous elements that are hard to dispose. CFL bulbs have mercury in them, which is quite dangerous for both residential and commercial use. In fact, these can’t deliver directional lighting that is required for reading or cooking. ( 

There is no better option than…

Today, there is no better option than LED lights because they have their own advantages over incandescent and CFLs. They are ideal for residential and commercial applications as well as other work spaces. In fact, you need not buy any additional socket or fixture for them, which makes them perfect choice for kitchens and living rooms. No wonder, today, people are using them in their offices and homes.

People choose LED lights because…

They choose LED lights not only because they are mercury free, but also because they produce high quality and directional light, which makes them environment pleasing and attractive. In fact, they are much more efficient and works easily with control systems.

When it comes to the quality, brightness, performance…

When it comes to the quality, brightness, performance and efficacy, LED lights are undisputed. They produce high color rendering index (CRI), which makes the ambiance warm and inviting. Moreover, most of the LED lights are shatterproof, which makes them versatile and ideal for industrial applications. In fact, their life expectancy is also much higher, which makes them worth investing. (

So, choose the most suitable lights according to your requirements.

Monday, 28 August 2017



Rako is one the leading lighting control systems which performance admirably against the competition Lutron and Control 4 but does benefit by being of lower cost and it is easier to install. This makes it an ideal choice for high end residential and commercial properties.
One of the key benefits of Rako is the wireless solution which makes it a first choice for retrofits to existing properties where the lighting wiring is in place but there is no automation.
The key element of lighting control is to be able to select lighting scenes for a space which are set at the push of a button which will dim all the different lighting circuits to a prescribed level in the room. Rako allows you to have between 2 and 7 lighting scenes dependent on the selection of the control panel. For example a RCM-100 will allow 7 scenes to be programmed and a RCM-070 4 scenes.
Typically the scenes can light different areas of the space and allow for relaxation or for working by setting the light levels to the appropriate setting.
The Wireless Dimmers.

The RMT500 wireless dimmer is a trailing edge dimmer unit which has compact proportions and accordingly can be slipped up into the ceiling void through down-lighter holes. This means the converting a conventionally wired property to lighting control is straightforward and the existing wiring can normally be used. As the control panels are wireless these can then be positioned in place of the existing light switches or alternatively placed elsewhere in the room as no switch wiring is needed. The RMT500 is a very versatile dimmer which works very well on good quality LEDs anb depending on the back load of the LEDs can operate up to 500 watts of load. For larger loads the RMT1200 is a preferred choice as this can handle loads up to 1200w. There are leading edge dimmers available as well which are often better for incandescent or dimmable fluorescent loads. More details on the dimmer please take a look here RMT500.

Benefits if the Wireless System

  • Good for retrofits and no switch wires needed
  • Lower cost of control panels
  • Extra control panels can be easily introduced at a late stage as no wiring needed

Wired Systems

For a wired system the RAK4 dimmers would normally be used, typically the RAK-4T which is a 4 channel trailing edge dimmer. These are normally located in a control room and all the lighting circuits would be run back to this room. The RAK-4T will take 4 channels but these can be linked together with a RAK-LINK to allow up to 8 RAK-4T dimmers to be connected together.
The other element of the wired system is the control panels. With the wired system then the control panels typically the WCM-070 would be daisy chained together with CAT5e cabling. If it is more convenient then a RAK-STAR can be used which means the control panels can be star wired from the control room.
However it is still possible to utilise the wireless control panels with the RAK system. This is done by introducing a RX-Link which allows wireless devices for instance control panels, to be connected into the Rako RAK dimmers.

Benefits of Wired System
  • No batteries needed for control panels
  • Control panels have back lit buttons for ease of viewing in the dark
  • Programming easier where it is desired to control lighting is different rooms from certain control panels
  • No limitation on RF signal strength and no distance limitations

Impact and Importance of installation of LED lighting

Wondering why people always look to improve the lighting conditions of their homes, offices or any other commercial places? The reason is light has the ability keep us optimistic. It helps to inspire customers, illuminate surrounding as well as improve the overall productivity of people.

LED create an exotic and pleasing ambiance

People often choose LED lights in order to create an exotic and pleasing ambiance. They not only choose LED lights to decorate their home, but also to give a personal touch so that they can rest and relax in a convenient manner. Better lighting conditions also helps to accentuate architectural features of a space, and creates visual interest in different functional areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Focused and recessed LED lights

People also go with focused and recessed LED lights because they are highly efficient when it comes to illuminate a passage and make it lot more safer to pass through. They also implement them in hallways and staircases for brighter appeal.

LED suppliers provide energy-efficient and best-in-class quality LED lights

LED suppliers provide energy-efficient and best-in-class quality LED lights at the most competitive prices. They provide a vast arrays of lighting sources for homes and offices. If you want, they can provide you with the smart lighting options for better ambiance, energy saving and smart lighting.

In addition to that, they provide LEDs in a wide variety of shape, size, colour temperatures, allowing people to select their choice of lighting. They also suggest the most suitable lightings according to your specifications, for example, directional light bulbs for reading, etc. This shows that lightings can illuminate your room according to the size and décor of your room.


  • Complement any room
  • Improve home decorate
  • Provide bright flicker-free lighting
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Safe and elegant
If you want to take a break from the flickering tube lights and savour the constant stream of bright light, use LED bulbs from a leading LED lighting expert such as “Saving Light Bulbs”. For extraordinary comfort, use can also go for minimalistic in design and charming light bulbs that are designed to illuminate your room in an elegant way. One of the most significant elements is that these LED light bulbs come with warranty.

Saturday, 29 July 2017


LED Emergency lighting is usually meant for emergency situations where the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumination fails. This could result from a power cut or a fire outbreak. It’s essential that LED emergency lighting automatically operates fully and provides sufficient illumination to enable all occupants to leave the premises safely.
So, if you are considering LED emergency lighting system, here is all you should know:
LED Emergency Lighting: The basics
Most buildings nowadays incorporate sophisticated LED emergency lighting fixtures installed during construction; the design of equipment being chosen by the architect as per the current local authority requirements as well as Building Regulations. Emergency LED lighting is often sub-divided into standby lighting and emergency escape lighting.
Cost matters
Generally, the decision to utilize a self-contained LED Emergency Lighting system or a central battery will probably be determined by cost. If an installation is durable and has low maintenance requirements, then central batteries, though quite expensive, might be ideal for larger projects. Typically, costs and luminaries are major issues of concern, especially on smaller jobs, and it’s this criterion that makes the self-contained systems more popular.
LED emergency lighting driver temperature
Ensure that your LED emergency lighting has been subjected to aging plus electronic load tests. This helps to ascertain whether the LED emergency lighting panels can withstand excessive temperatures. This guarantees performance, safety, and stability.
Emergency escape lighting
Emergency escape lighting refers to that part of the emergency lighting system, which supplies illumination for the safety of persons vacating a location or attempting to end a potentially hazardous process beforehand.
Standby lighting
Standby lighting is often provided to allow normal activities to continue substantially without being changed.
Consultation and design
The first thing to do when installing LED Emergency Lighting escape illumination is consultation and design. Both the fire risk assessor and the designer should meet and make comprehensive decisions on where the system is required and chalk up a plan illustrating the type of power supply, the locations to be covered, facilities, duration, and mode of operation.
The next step…..
Having decided on the type of LED emergency lighting system you’d like to install, then go ahead and choose specific positions for the lighting signs and units within specific premises. This will then help you choose the right equipment. Remember, emergency LED lighting signs should be carefully sited in order to create clear exit routes that lead to the ultimate exits from the building. Where the exit isn’t identifiable, a visible sign should be utilized instead of a lighting unit. Special concern should be paid to directional changes, individual stairways, floor level changes, corridor intersections, plant rooms, and toilet areas. Access to firefighting equipment as well as fire alarm call stations should be properly illuminated.
Mode of operation
Mode of operation is a vital factor to consider when choosing LED Emergency lighting systems. Thus, you should take into considerations principle factors like maintained or non-maintained. The use of the premises in question determines whether to go for a maintained or non- maintained LED Emergency Lighting system.
LED Emergency Lighting: The advantages
• Installation is extremely fast and affordable
• Low hardware material costs
• Standard wiring material might be used
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Burn-through will automatically fulfill the need for luminaries to be lit
• No unique sub-circuit monitoring requirements
• Increased integrity and efficiency
LED Emergency Lighting: Disadvantages
• Testing requires isolation
• With varying environmental conditions throughout the system, the batteries might be severely affected by high or low ambient temperatures
• Battery life is often limited to four years, depending on the application
Bottom line
LED Emergency Lighting systems have become very popular these days- thanks to their low energy consumption, efficiency, and flexibility. However, before you rush into getting your LED Emergency Lighting system, it is vital to understand the basics (what they are and how to choose the best). The above guide will help you in getting the best.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Choose A Suitable Lighting Control System for LEDs

It is important to focus on home lighting design and trends to choose the most efficient and productive lighting for your home or office. Today, energy saving lights are the need of the hour because of the exponential rise in lighting applications across the industries. That is why, to reduce the cost of energy, save environment, make the ambiance bright as well as pleasing, it is essential to choose LED light bulbs. In fact, LED light bulbs are at the heart of lighting design and redesign plan.

LED Lighting Controls

Today, most lighting engineers recommend using lighting controls for LEDs (switches, dimmers, drivers). You must use lighting controls to conserve energy, improve comfort, and have specific lighting as per the requirements. According to ledsmagazine, the transition to LED lighting has sparked an increased interest in controls. LEDs are easily dimmable. Moreover dimming SSL delivers energy savings that track the lower light output in a near linear fashion. (

Home Automation System

In fact, market is flooded with lighting controls with motion detectors that are used for saving a lot of energy. One of the most significant things is that they can integrated with your home automation system for better efficiency and productivity. If you have LED lights in your home, you can use lighting controls to have colourful lights according to your lighting needs.

Some people use it to amplify the lighting efficiency and have desired illumination. You must plan lighting controls at the time of home construction or office remodelling. These are ideal for recessed office lighting, retail lighting, hospitality lighting and other commercial lighting applications. It is also the most cost-effective and easy to use solution.

Most of the people still believe that these lighting controls are only for residential use or study rooms or bedrooms; however, it must be noted that these are equally useful for commercial use. Retailers and mall owners can use them to highlight their specific product range. They can also use it to highlight product features, influence buying behaviour and improve mood.


Today, most of the hotels have started using LED lighting controls to make their interiors exceptional, inspiring and intuitive. They not only use it to reduce their energy cost, but also to make the environment relaxed, beautiful as well as welcoming.

So, choose a suitable lighting control system according to your lighting needs.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Smart Ways to Choose LED Lights For Your Home

Whether you want to create warm and cosy atmosphere or improve the overall aesthetics of your home, you can always rely on advanced LED lights. Modern LED lights not only create the right atmosphere, but also consumes less energy than any other traditional lighting system. That is why, they are being used almost every where. However, when it comes to homes people are very particular about it. They choose a wide variety of LED lights for their homes.

Today, markets are loaded with a great variety of LED lights. It is possible to choose LED lights in different shapes, sizes, colours and brightness level. You can choose lights according to your requirements and specifications.

Living Room Lighting

People often choose bright and vibrant lights for their living rooms to highlight its eminent features. In pursuit of the same, they choose colourful LED lights to decorate their living room. However, for better feel and appearance, you can go for:
  • LED wall light lamps
  • Pendant ceiling lights
  • Square LED panels
Some people choose bright LED bulbs to create contemporary feel, which is also a good option to consider. However, it is recommended to choose LED lights according to the living room furniture, room specifications, wall paint, décor, and style of your living room for better illumination and appearance.

Bedroom Lighting

Whether you want to add more comfort to your bedroom or want to make its environment relaxing, you can choose dimmable LED lights. Some people choose extraordinary, innovative, stylish and energy-saving LED bulbs, lamps, and tubes to add warmth and softness to their bedroom.

However, it is recommended to decorate bedrooms with small LED bulbs and stripes to create an ideally restful atmosphere. Moreover, a decent chandelier is also a great option to consider. It can help you to make a bedroom more functional and dramatic.

Staircase Lighting

Whether you want to improve the overall interior of your home or want to highlight your stairs, you can choose LED lights. LED lights can improve the visibility and make the space safe. You can use vibrant LED lights to make your stairs secure, functional and accessible. It is a practical and pleasing option for home owners.

Irrespective of the type of staircase you have, you can choose a wide range of staircase lighting solutions.

So, whatever your needs are, you can always choose LED lights because they are safer, stable and advanced lighting option to consider.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Why Business Houses are Going For LED Lights

Today, global businesses are undergoing rapid transformation; they are not only improving their business infrastructure, but also embracing communication, networking and other emerging technologies. They are also thinking about the ergonomic standards, overall internal ambiance as well as energy efficiency. However, they often overlook the concept of lighting. It must be noted that lighting not only helps to improve the mood and productivity of employees, but also brings positivity into the environment, which ultimately improves the overall growth of a business.

Now the question arises, what type of lighting businesses should consider? So, the answer is, lighting that is energy efficient, bright, comfortable, durable as well as soothing. LED lights have all these features and make an environment soft, productive and relaxing.

Here are a few reasons why businesses should use LED lights:

 - LEDs Last Longer

According to several studies ( and surveys, LED lights can provide up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted illumination. They are relatively brighter and produce soft light that makes an environment worth time spending. Irrespective of the size and specification of the area, these LED lights illuminate the environment better than incandescent lights. It also helps businesses to improve their employee’s productivity, and save money by reducing their electric bills.

 - LEDs Reduce Emissions

One of the most important facts to consider is that LEDs can reduce carbon emissions, which ultimately reduces energy consumption. Hence, businesses should use LED lights to dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve their participation in building the environment green and clean.

 - LEDs Improve Appearance

LEDs produce high quality of light, which makes it distinctive. In fact, it is more capable than traditional incandescent lights. It is a fact that LED lights can improve interiors in any business environment. This makes it a perfect choice for high end commercial properties. That is why, more and more business owners are using LED lights to illuminate their interiors.

 - LEDs are Maintenance free

It is a known fact that businesses spend a lot in maintenance and repair work, whether it is plumbing or light. However, when it comes to LED lights, they are maintenance free and suitable for almost all environment. Business owners do not have to worry about the maintenance of LED lights because they do not require any sort of maintenance and perform in an uninterrupted manner.

A wide variety of LED lights are available on the market; however, you must choose them according to your business needs. If you have smaller office, you can go for small LED Ceiling Light, but if your premises is big, you should go for large LED panels. So, whatever the type of business you have, you can always rely on aesthetically pleasant LED lights.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Evolution of Lighting Technologies

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Lighting has evolved over the years. Let’s find out how it evolved. As we know Edison invented it to transform our life. By the way, you will be surprised to know that he also developed the first electric meter.

While Edison was working on the whole lighting system, there were many inventors that were putting their efforts to make several advancements in order to improve the filament manufacturing process. As a result, a dramatic change in the technology came in 1904, when European inventors invented tungsten filament. The new tungsten filament bulbs were quite significant and have the ability to last longer. 

The saga continues and 1913 became yet another remarkable year. This is the year, when Irving Langmuir pointed out that placing an inert gas like nitrogen inside the bulb can improve (double) its overall efficiency. By the 1950s, inventors and researchers had only figured out how to convert about 10% of the energy the incandescent bulb used into light. They began focusing on other more innovative lighting solutions.

Emergence of compact fluorescent light (CFL)


Furthermore, the oil crisis of 1973 forced lighting engineers to develop an efficient fluorescent bulb. 1976 was yet another significant year in the history of lighting when Edward Hammer of General Electric pointed out how to bend the fluorescent tube into a spiral shape. This was resulted in the development of the first ever compact fluorescent light (CFL). Early CFLs hit the market in the mid-1980s; however, they were bigger in size and somewhat bulky, as a result they didn’t fit well into fixtures.

It must be noted that CFL uses about 75 % less energy than incandescent and last longer say about 10 times longer.

Era of light-emitting diode (or LED)

One of the fastest emerging and developing lighting technologies today is the light-emitting diodes (or LEDs). Initially, they were used in a wide variety of applications including traffic lights, flashlights, etc. Since then, LEDs have evolved, no wonder, today, it is the most efficient lights than any other traditional lights. And the reason is simple - they have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longevity, performance, robustness, compactness and much more.


LEDs contain no mercury, and a recent Energy Department study determined that LEDs have a much smaller environmental impact than incandescent bulbs. (source –
The LED was invented by Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1963 while he was working for General Electric. (source -

A business, such as a warehouse or large hotel, can save up to 70% of its electricity costs by switching to LED lights with motion sensors...and receive a payback on the capital outlay within two years. (source -

Today, LEDs are used in the widest possible applications from aviation lighting, automotive headlamps, advertising, general lighting, to traffic signals.

Rising popularity of Energy Efficient LED Light bulbs and lamps

LED Light bulbs and lamps are all over the place and illuminating residential and commercial places like never before. People embrace LED l...