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LED Emergency lighting is usually meant for emergency situations where the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumination fails. This could result from a power cut or a fire outbreak. It’s essential that LED emergency lighting automatically operates fully and provides sufficient illumination to enable all occupants to leave the premises safely.
So, if you are considering LED emergency lighting system, here is all you should know:
LED Emergency Lighting: The basics
Most buildings nowadays incorporate sophisticated LED emergency lighting fixtures installed during construction; the design of equipment being chosen by the architect as per the current local authority requirements as well as Building Regulations. Emergency LED lighting is often sub-divided into standby lighting and emergency escape lighting.
Cost matters
Generally, the decision to utilize a self-contained LED Emergency Lighting system or a central battery will probably be determined by cost. If an installation is durable and has low maintenance requirements, then central batteries, though quite expensive, might be ideal for larger projects. Typically, costs and luminaries are major issues of concern, especially on smaller jobs, and it’s this criterion that makes the self-contained systems more popular.
LED emergency lighting driver temperature
Ensure that your LED emergency lighting has been subjected to aging plus electronic load tests. This helps to ascertain whether the LED emergency lighting panels can withstand excessive temperatures. This guarantees performance, safety, and stability.
Emergency escape lighting
Emergency escape lighting refers to that part of the emergency lighting system, which supplies illumination for the safety of persons vacating a location or attempting to end a potentially hazardous process beforehand.
Standby lighting
Standby lighting is often provided to allow normal activities to continue substantially without being changed.
Consultation and design
The first thing to do when installing LED Emergency Lighting escape illumination is consultation and design. Both the fire risk assessor and the designer should meet and make comprehensive decisions on where the system is required and chalk up a plan illustrating the type of power supply, the locations to be covered, facilities, duration, and mode of operation.
The next step…..
Having decided on the type of LED emergency lighting system you’d like to install, then go ahead and choose specific positions for the lighting signs and units within specific premises. This will then help you choose the right equipment. Remember, emergency LED lighting signs should be carefully sited in order to create clear exit routes that lead to the ultimate exits from the building. Where the exit isn’t identifiable, a visible sign should be utilized instead of a lighting unit. Special concern should be paid to directional changes, individual stairways, floor level changes, corridor intersections, plant rooms, and toilet areas. Access to firefighting equipment as well as fire alarm call stations should be properly illuminated.
Mode of operation
Mode of operation is a vital factor to consider when choosing LED Emergency lighting systems. Thus, you should take into considerations principle factors like maintained or non-maintained. The use of the premises in question determines whether to go for a maintained or non- maintained LED Emergency Lighting system.
LED Emergency Lighting: The advantages
• Installation is extremely fast and affordable
• Low hardware material costs
• Standard wiring material might be used
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Burn-through will automatically fulfill the need for luminaries to be lit
• No unique sub-circuit monitoring requirements
• Increased integrity and efficiency
LED Emergency Lighting: Disadvantages
• Testing requires isolation
• With varying environmental conditions throughout the system, the batteries might be severely affected by high or low ambient temperatures
• Battery life is often limited to four years, depending on the application
Bottom line
LED Emergency Lighting systems have become very popular these days- thanks to their low energy consumption, efficiency, and flexibility. However, before you rush into getting your LED Emergency Lighting system, it is vital to understand the basics (what they are and how to choose the best). The above guide will help you in getting the best.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Choose A Suitable Lighting Control System for LEDs

It is important to focus on home lighting design and trends to choose the most efficient and productive lighting for your home or office. Today, energy saving lights are the need of the hour because of the exponential rise in lighting applications across the industries. That is why, to reduce the cost of energy, save environment, make the ambiance bright as well as pleasing, it is essential to choose LED light bulbs. In fact, LED light bulbs are at the heart of lighting design and redesign plan.

LED Lighting Controls

Today, most lighting engineers recommend using lighting controls for LEDs (switches, dimmers, drivers). You must use lighting controls to conserve energy, improve comfort, and have specific lighting as per the requirements. According to ledsmagazine, the transition to LED lighting has sparked an increased interest in controls. LEDs are easily dimmable. Moreover dimming SSL delivers energy savings that track the lower light output in a near linear fashion. (

Home Automation System

In fact, market is flooded with lighting controls with motion detectors that are used for saving a lot of energy. One of the most significant things is that they can integrated with your home automation system for better efficiency and productivity. If you have LED lights in your home, you can use lighting controls to have colourful lights according to your lighting needs.

Some people use it to amplify the lighting efficiency and have desired illumination. You must plan lighting controls at the time of home construction or office remodelling. These are ideal for recessed office lighting, retail lighting, hospitality lighting and other commercial lighting applications. It is also the most cost-effective and easy to use solution.

Most of the people still believe that these lighting controls are only for residential use or study rooms or bedrooms; however, it must be noted that these are equally useful for commercial use. Retailers and mall owners can use them to highlight their specific product range. They can also use it to highlight product features, influence buying behaviour and improve mood.


Today, most of the hotels have started using LED lighting controls to make their interiors exceptional, inspiring and intuitive. They not only use it to reduce their energy cost, but also to make the environment relaxed, beautiful as well as welcoming.

So, choose a suitable lighting control system according to your lighting needs.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Smart Ways to Choose LED Lights For Your Home

Whether you want to create warm and cosy atmosphere or improve the overall aesthetics of your home, you can always rely on advanced LED lights. Modern LED lights not only create the right atmosphere, but also consumes less energy than any other traditional lighting system. That is why, they are being used almost every where. However, when it comes to homes people are very particular about it. They choose a wide variety of LED lights for their homes.

Today, markets are loaded with a great variety of LED lights. It is possible to choose LED lights in different shapes, sizes, colours and brightness level. You can choose lights according to your requirements and specifications.

Living Room Lighting

People often choose bright and vibrant lights for their living rooms to highlight its eminent features. In pursuit of the same, they choose colourful LED lights to decorate their living room. However, for better feel and appearance, you can go for:
  • LED wall light lamps
  • Pendant ceiling lights
  • Square LED panels
Some people choose bright LED bulbs to create contemporary feel, which is also a good option to consider. However, it is recommended to choose LED lights according to the living room furniture, room specifications, wall paint, d├ęcor, and style of your living room for better illumination and appearance.

Bedroom Lighting

Whether you want to add more comfort to your bedroom or want to make its environment relaxing, you can choose dimmable LED lights. Some people choose extraordinary, innovative, stylish and energy-saving LED bulbs, lamps, and tubes to add warmth and softness to their bedroom.

However, it is recommended to decorate bedrooms with small LED bulbs and stripes to create an ideally restful atmosphere. Moreover, a decent chandelier is also a great option to consider. It can help you to make a bedroom more functional and dramatic.

Staircase Lighting

Whether you want to improve the overall interior of your home or want to highlight your stairs, you can choose LED lights. LED lights can improve the visibility and make the space safe. You can use vibrant LED lights to make your stairs secure, functional and accessible. It is a practical and pleasing option for home owners.

Irrespective of the type of staircase you have, you can choose a wide range of staircase lighting solutions.

So, whatever your needs are, you can always choose LED lights because they are safer, stable and advanced lighting option to consider.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Why Business Houses are Going For LED Lights

Today, global businesses are undergoing rapid transformation; they are not only improving their business infrastructure, but also embracing communication, networking and other emerging technologies. They are also thinking about the ergonomic standards, overall internal ambiance as well as energy efficiency. However, they often overlook the concept of lighting. It must be noted that lighting not only helps to improve the mood and productivity of employees, but also brings positivity into the environment, which ultimately improves the overall growth of a business.

Now the question arises, what type of lighting businesses should consider? So, the answer is, lighting that is energy efficient, bright, comfortable, durable as well as soothing. LED lights have all these features and make an environment soft, productive and relaxing.

Here are a few reasons why businesses should use LED lights:

 - LEDs Last Longer

According to several studies ( and surveys, LED lights can provide up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted illumination. They are relatively brighter and produce soft light that makes an environment worth time spending. Irrespective of the size and specification of the area, these LED lights illuminate the environment better than incandescent lights. It also helps businesses to improve their employee’s productivity, and save money by reducing their electric bills.

 - LEDs Reduce Emissions

One of the most important facts to consider is that LEDs can reduce carbon emissions, which ultimately reduces energy consumption. Hence, businesses should use LED lights to dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve their participation in building the environment green and clean.

 - LEDs Improve Appearance

LEDs produce high quality of light, which makes it distinctive. In fact, it is more capable than traditional incandescent lights. It is a fact that LED lights can improve interiors in any business environment. This makes it a perfect choice for high end commercial properties. That is why, more and more business owners are using LED lights to illuminate their interiors.

 - LEDs are Maintenance free

It is a known fact that businesses spend a lot in maintenance and repair work, whether it is plumbing or light. However, when it comes to LED lights, they are maintenance free and suitable for almost all environment. Business owners do not have to worry about the maintenance of LED lights because they do not require any sort of maintenance and perform in an uninterrupted manner.

A wide variety of LED lights are available on the market; however, you must choose them according to your business needs. If you have smaller office, you can go for small LED Ceiling Light, but if your premises is big, you should go for large LED panels. So, whatever the type of business you have, you can always rely on aesthetically pleasant LED lights.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Evolution of Lighting Technologies

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Lighting has evolved over the years. Let’s find out how it evolved. As we know Edison invented it to transform our life. By the way, you will be surprised to know that he also developed the first electric meter.

While Edison was working on the whole lighting system, there were many inventors that were putting their efforts to make several advancements in order to improve the filament manufacturing process. As a result, a dramatic change in the technology came in 1904, when European inventors invented tungsten filament. The new tungsten filament bulbs were quite significant and have the ability to last longer. 

The saga continues and 1913 became yet another remarkable year. This is the year, when Irving Langmuir pointed out that placing an inert gas like nitrogen inside the bulb can improve (double) its overall efficiency. By the 1950s, inventors and researchers had only figured out how to convert about 10% of the energy the incandescent bulb used into light. They began focusing on other more innovative lighting solutions.

Emergence of compact fluorescent light (CFL)


Furthermore, the oil crisis of 1973 forced lighting engineers to develop an efficient fluorescent bulb. 1976 was yet another significant year in the history of lighting when Edward Hammer of General Electric pointed out how to bend the fluorescent tube into a spiral shape. This was resulted in the development of the first ever compact fluorescent light (CFL). Early CFLs hit the market in the mid-1980s; however, they were bigger in size and somewhat bulky, as a result they didn’t fit well into fixtures.

It must be noted that CFL uses about 75 % less energy than incandescent and last longer say about 10 times longer.

Era of light-emitting diode (or LED)

One of the fastest emerging and developing lighting technologies today is the light-emitting diodes (or LEDs). Initially, they were used in a wide variety of applications including traffic lights, flashlights, etc. Since then, LEDs have evolved, no wonder, today, it is the most efficient lights than any other traditional lights. And the reason is simple - they have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longevity, performance, robustness, compactness and much more.


LEDs contain no mercury, and a recent Energy Department study determined that LEDs have a much smaller environmental impact than incandescent bulbs. (source –
The LED was invented by Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1963 while he was working for General Electric. (source -

A business, such as a warehouse or large hotel, can save up to 70% of its electricity costs by switching to LED lights with motion sensors...and receive a payback on the capital outlay within two years. (source -

Today, LEDs are used in the widest possible applications from aviation lighting, automotive headlamps, advertising, general lighting, to traffic signals.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

LED Lights – A Dynamic Approach to Illumination

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The field of lighting has been changing since the beginning. In fact, it has become much more dynamic in recent years due to certain remarkable improvements in technology. One of the most most notable improvements in the industry is LED (learn more about LEDs at It has completely changed the traditional concepts of lighting and revolutionized the whole industry. Today, not only scientists, but also engineers recommend LED lights for different types of applications. And the reason is simple. LED lights offer numerous benefits and are comparatively more reliable, durable and smart. 

LED lights are compatible
One of the most important things to note is that LED lights are compatible with modern digital technologies. These LED lights are relatively smart when it comes to the consumption of energy as well as the control of the illumination, which was not there in its traditional counterparts. In fact, LED lights offer high-quality illumination for a wide range of applications. That is why commercial buildings are using LEDs (LED panels, LED tubes, etc.) like never before. They are using it at every prominent place to have an extraordinary illuminated environment.
"LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are more energy-efficient than tradition lighting solutions".

LED lights are suitable for larger spaces

On top of that LED lights are also suitable for larger spaces where there is a need of better illumination. These lights provide uniform, consistent, and controllable lighting, which is the need of the hour. According to some experts, LED lights have the ability to provide highly directional light, which is ideal for larger industrial applications.

Significantly reducing global energy consumption

However, like any other industry, LED industry also has some challenges, which are the part and parcel for any technology. But, it is clearly defeating those challenges by exhibiting its greater efficiency and functionality. In fact, today, it is successfully dominating inefficient lighting products and significantly reducing global energy consumption, which makes it worth using. These LED lights (flood lights, wall lights, etc.) also suit every commercial application and use (retail shops, hospitals, office buildings, etc.).


In fact, when it comes to product quality, performance, usability, intensity, cost, colour, stability, consumption of energy, wastage prevention, innovation, life span, and characterization standards, nothing can beat the efficiency of LED lights. These lights not only last longer, but also provide reliable, efficient, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and flicker-free lighting. No doubt, LED lights have the potential to shape the future of lighting industry for many years.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Use Efficient and Technologically updated LED PL Lamps

Lighting is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate homes and offices. In fact, it can easily transform a dull environment into a delightful atmosphere. Today, there are a wide variety of lighting solutions and products are available and LED PL Lamps are one of them. These lamps can beautify any space and can improve the overall visual appeal of a room. Not to mention, they are ideal for residential as well as commercial spaces.

Technologically updated LED PL Lamps


4 Pin G24 LED PL lamp

People often choose such lamps to illuminate their surroundings as well as improve their mood. Such technologically updated lamps are a far better than traditional and inefficient CFLs. These are not only helpful in saving energy, but also embellish any space. Besides that, when it comes to efficiency, consistency, reliability and longevity, they are simply unmatched.

Features of LED PL Lamps

LED PL lamps Omni-Directional

People often choose LED PL lamps because of their high quality output. In fact, their colour rendering value is very high, which provides natural light. It helps you to improve your home’s interior and dissolve serenity into the environment. Moreover, you do not have to change them often because they have greater lifespan than any other traditional lighting options. 


The LED PL lamps are available in different colour temperatures (warm white, white and natural white), which gives you the liberty to choose according to your requirements. However, it must be noted that the availability may often vary depending on the wattage as well as type of the lamp. One of the most significant things is that these LED PL lamps have a built in driver.

The technology of retrofit LED PL Lamps keep them ahead from their competitors. They provide stable and bright light as and when desired. They also provide the needed warmth and glow through the lifetime and save energy as well.  


  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Impact resistant and flicker free
  • Provides directional and uniform light
  • Easy to install and long lasting
  • Cost-effective and compatible (G24 2 pin and G24 4 pin)
  • No need of re-wiring
  • Provides high quality illumination
  • No maintenance required
  • Ideal for commercial premises
  • Understand the concepts of lumen and wattage.
  • Consider colour rendering index (CRI) before choosing any light.
  • Make sure the LED lamp you choose gives maximum output and consumes low energy.


So, whether you want to ensure continued bright light or reduce your carbon footprints, you can always use LED PL lamps. If you are confused or have any further questions, then look no further, checkout the range of high quality yet economical LED PL lamps and other lighting solutions available at –

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Why You Should Use Energy Efficient 2D LED Lamps

2D LED Emergency 15W 4 pin 

Whether you are looking for bright light bulbs or energy efficient directional bulbs, you should use high quality 2D LED Lamps. 2D LED Lamps are specially designed to provide bright light to residential as well as commercial areas. Today, a wide variety of 2D LED Lamps are available on the market. However, people mainly use such lamps for there commercial applications as they are energy-efficient, bright, directional and above all modern. It must be noted that these lamps are the perfect replacement for traditional 2D fluorescent lamps and in fact, much better in output.

Why 2D LED Lamps?

Due to the excellent features of 2D LEDs, they are widely used in schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, car parks, retail stores and other commercial and residential premises. These are also ideal for different purposes because they are soft, reliable and makes an environment productive.

Available in an array of styles and sizes

In addition to that, these lamps are economical and comes in an array of styles and sizes. This range encompasses extremely intelligent dimming devices of the white finish. You can use it when you want excellent quality light, greater visual clarity, and long lasting performance.

Unrivalled in technology

2D LED Lamps are easy to install and are unrivalled in technology. People also use it in their study rooms to get focused light. In fact, it is a great way to add exceptional charm and appeal to any room. Today, many people are switching to this new sophisticated and advanced technology as they’re affordable and have an amazing lifespan.

If you want to beautify your home, then you should choose such kind of focused and decorative lighting. Besides being advanced in terms of technology, they are stylish, eco-friendly, non-toxic, efficient, and comfortable as well. That is the only reason they suite any requirement and exceed expectations.


Besides that, if you replace traditional lamps, you will save a significant reduction on you energy bills. In fact, they never stop functioning like any other lamps and provides flicker free lighting. So, whether you want to go green, achieve more efficiency or want to install bright light bulbs, choose 2D LED Lamps.

If you are confused where to find high quality 2D Lamps, then look no further, checkout the range of high quality yet economical LED 2D lighting solutions available at

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3 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Living Room

Whether you are looking to remake your living room or give simply want to update it, you should always find fresh ideas to make your room unique, welcoming and inspiring. You can add new elements like rugs or paint amazing pictures or even change the lighting for that exclusive look and appeal.

Designer and attractive rugs

People have different preference, when it comes to rugs. Most of the people choose a wide variety of designer and attractive rugs to make their living room more beautiful, classy, and cosy. Designer and captivating rugs meticulously adorn a room and make it functional, stylish and inviting. Whatever the type of interiors you have, you can always choose rugs as per your living style and interior designs.

You might have heard that beautifully designed rugs can transform a boring room into an appealing one. In fact, it adds value to your floor and make it stunning. On top of that, you can choose colourful rugs according to your furniture and upholstery for significant appearance. You can also choose hand woven, tufted or stitched rugs in different shape, size and texture as well as according to your budget. You can also combine colours, patterns and materials to suit your needs.


If you want to decorate your living room/sitting room and exhibit your style statement, you must choose the most warm and welcoming paint. For better appearance, you must choose high-quality colours that are ideal for your room and make it special and relaxing. You can go for a wide range of luxury finishes that can give your walls a posh makeover.

Some people choose mild colours to achieve silky and glowing appearance. They choose trendy colours that itself radiate a warm and luxurious style, such as bluish green or yellowish orange; however, you can choose colours as per your interiors. You can also discuss your requirements with the colour experts because they suggest colours according to your furniture, interiors, lighting and space.


When it comes to lighting, nothing can beat the radiance and quality of LED lights. They are an ideal and energy efficient source of lighting. You can choose LED lamps and LED ceiling lights according to your lighting needs. Some people choose narrow beams to highlight a specific interior feature, while other choose stripes for greater appeal. However, it must be noted that have their own advantages and can improve the overall interior of a living room.

If you have any doubt, you can discuss your requirements with lighting experts. They will help you to install the most suitable and energy efficient LED lights. They also help you in choosing the best LED bulbs to optimise the overall appearance of your living room. If you want, you can choose technologically advanced and fashionable dimmable LED lights that can produce high quality light for unbeatable comfort.

So, if you want to make your living room gorgeous and stylish, follow the above given ways.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Spice Up Your Patio With Stunning LED Lamps

Whether you want to transform your normal looking patio into a peaceful paradise or just want to spice up the overall style of your patio, you always need to think something unique. Some people take the help of expert designers and interior decorators in order to beautify their patio and make it worth time spending.

Designers and decorators also suggest a wide variety of distinctive elements in order to make the area truly wonderful, recreational and stunning. They also help you to focus on the structural qualities so that the place radiates its own charm.

Soothing and stylish furniture

Most of the time, experts suggest to choose the most soothing and cosy furniture that can provide you ultimate seating comfort and make the environment even more functional. You can select designer leather sofas and fashionable chairs according to your space and private setting needs. A perfect sofa set can complement your space and allow family members to sit together and enjoy fresh juice, biscuits or coffee.

LED lighting

In order to add uncompromising appeal to the space, experts recommend installation of LED lamps. No doubt, modern and eye-pleasing LED lamps dissolve unique charm in the environment. In fact, it is an ideal way to make the atmosphere intimate, warm, welcoming and comfortable. If you want to make the environment inviting choose from a wide variety of LED lamps.

Today, there are a wide range of LED lights available according to your decorative needs. You can make your space glowing and lavishly decorated with the help of such lighting arrangements. If you are unable to decide the type of lighting, you must discuss your requirements with a lighting designer.

Some experts suggest to install LED lighting under furniture for significant vibrant look and luxurious appeal. In fact, it makes your cosy seating even more stylish and accentuated. Besides that, you can also use LED light strips for that creative and innovative appearance. These light strips provide cool vibes and can complement your furniture as well as environment while fulfilling your lighting needs.


If your garden has a pool, you can easily add an eye-catching fountain to it for better and accentuated looks. It will add a charismatic appeal as well as flawless functionality to your patio. It will also encourage family members to enjoy the evening in their own way. On top of that, you can use floating lamps for additional light, spectacular elegance and dreamy beauty.

So, are your ready to transform your little paradise? If your answer is yes then do checkout the website of one of the leading light specialist who specialises in led lights, especially in LED Strip lights at

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Decorate your Home with Innovative LED Light Strips

If you want to decorate your home in an innovative way that can reflect your passion and style, then you should use colourful LED light strips. It is a great way to decorate a home and make it highly attractive. If these strips are used correctly, they can illuminate your surrounding like never before.

More often than not, people use these lights in festive seasons only; however, they can also be used for normal decorative purpose. You will be surprised to know that these strips are thin, flexible, bright and are far better than traditional lighting systems.

Some interior decorators recommend using LED Light Strips because it not only look awesome, but also add extra value to any home. People can use them under cabinets and in drawers for good visibility. This shows that they are functional and can be used anywhere. 

Here are a few ways of using innovative LED light strips:


If you don't want to turn on the lights and wake up your child, use high-quality and reliable motion-sensor bed lights. These LED lights are designed to provide enough visibility. It also allows you to move through the room without creating noise. One of the most significant things is that these LED strips can also be installed on your bed, in the bathroom, etc.

Picture frames

If you are an artist or love to have picture frames to decorate your home, you will definitely love to decorate it in an elegant way. One of the best ways is to use LED Backlit Box. It has the ability to deliver a decent flavour to your picture frame. Of course, it is a minimalist approach, but allows the image come out.


Gone are the days, when only rich people illuminate their stairs with LED lights. Today, you can make your open stairs look stunning by using LED strips. It is an affordable option and make your stairs much more functional. Such strips look pleasing and help people to access at night.

Coffee tables

If you want to give extra touch to your living room, you can use LED strips on your coffee table. It is an innovative method to punch up the mood, spread uniform lighting and make the environment more graceful. It not only looks cool, but also attracts guests.

It is a fact that LED lights receive much attention when applied to different areas of a home. So, if you want to save energy and decorate your home in a stylish way, use energy-efficient and flexible LED light strips.

For this you can take help of a leading LED lighting expert such as “Saving Light Bulbs” to help you guide choose best lighting solutions as per you need.


LED Emergency lighting is usually meant for emergency situations where the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumin...