Monday, 29 May 2017

Use Efficient and Technologically updated LED PL Lamps

Lighting is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate homes and offices. In fact, it can easily transform a dull environment into a delightful atmosphere. Today, there are a wide variety of lighting solutions and products are available and LED PL Lamps are one of them. These lamps can beautify any space and can improve the overall visual appeal of a room. Not to mention, they are ideal for residential as well as commercial spaces.

Technologically updated LED PL Lamps

4 Pin G24 LED PL lamp

People often choose such lamps to illuminate their surroundings as well as improve their mood. Such technologically updated lamps are a far better than traditional and inefficient CFLs. These are not only helpful in saving energy, but also embellish any space. Besides that, when it comes to efficiency, consistency, reliability and longevity, they are simply unmatched.

Features of LED PL Lamps

LED PL lamps Omni-Directional

People often choose LED PL lamps because of their high quality output. In fact, their colour rendering value is very high, which provides natural light. It helps you to improve your home’s interior and dissolve serenity into the environment. Moreover, you do not have to change them often because they have greater lifespan than any other traditional lighting options. 


The LED PL lamps are available in different colour temperatures (warm white, white and natural white), which gives you the liberty to choose according to your requirements. However, it must be noted that the availability may often vary depending on the wattage as well as type of the lamp. One of the most significant things is that these LED PL lamps have a built in driver.

The technology of retrofit LED PL Lamps keep them ahead from their competitors. They provide stable and bright light as and when desired. They also provide the needed warmth and glow through the lifetime and save energy as well.  


  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Impact resistant and flicker free
  • Provides directional and uniform light
  • Easy to install and long lasting
  • Cost-effective and compatible (G24 2 pin and G24 4 pin)
  • No need of re-wiring
  • Provides high quality illumination
  • No maintenance required
  • Ideal for commercial premises
  • Understand the concepts of lumen and wattage.
  • Consider colour rendering index (CRI) before choosing any light.
  • Make sure the LED lamp you choose gives maximum output and consumes low energy.


So, whether you want to ensure continued bright light or reduce your carbon footprints, you can always use LED PL lamps. If you are confused or have any further questions, then look no further, checkout the range of high quality yet economical LED PL lamps and other lighting solutions available at –

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