Friday, 28 July 2017

Choose A Suitable Lighting Control System for LEDs

It is important to focus on home lighting design and trends to choose the most efficient and productive lighting for your home or office. Today, energy saving lights are the need of the hour because of the exponential rise in lighting applications across the industries. That is why, to reduce the cost of energy, save environment, make the ambiance bright as well as pleasing, it is essential to choose LED light bulbs. In fact, LED light bulbs are at the heart of lighting design and redesign plan.

LED Lighting Controls

Today, most lighting engineers recommend using lighting controls for LEDs (switches, dimmers, drivers). You must use lighting controls to conserve energy, improve comfort, and have specific lighting as per the requirements. According to ledsmagazine, the transition to LED lighting has sparked an increased interest in controls. LEDs are easily dimmable. Moreover dimming SSL delivers energy savings that track the lower light output in a near linear fashion. (

Home Automation System

In fact, market is flooded with lighting controls with motion detectors that are used for saving a lot of energy. One of the most significant things is that they can integrated with your home automation system for better efficiency and productivity. If you have LED lights in your home, you can use lighting controls to have colourful lights according to your lighting needs.

Some people use it to amplify the lighting efficiency and have desired illumination. You must plan lighting controls at the time of home construction or office remodelling. These are ideal for recessed office lighting, retail lighting, hospitality lighting and other commercial lighting applications. It is also the most cost-effective and easy to use solution.

Most of the people still believe that these lighting controls are only for residential use or study rooms or bedrooms; however, it must be noted that these are equally useful for commercial use. Retailers and mall owners can use them to highlight their specific product range. They can also use it to highlight product features, influence buying behaviour and improve mood.


Today, most of the hotels have started using LED lighting controls to make their interiors exceptional, inspiring and intuitive. They not only use it to reduce their energy cost, but also to make the environment relaxed, beautiful as well as welcoming.

So, choose a suitable lighting control system according to your lighting needs.

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